Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shooting Sara Horvath

This picture was taken in an alley in downtown Missoula. I exposed for the background and powered down my flash a little to not wash her face out. I use Adobe Lightroom for most of my post-processing, and I changed it from color to a preset called aged photo. I really like this look, and have used this preset for a lot of Sara's portraits.
These next two images are a great way to take advantage of a bright sunny day. I like to pose my subject in a back-lit situation when the lighting causes hard shadows. I always shoot manually pay close attention to my meter, which I usually set on Spot. In this case I exposed(zeroed out my meter) for her face, which was in the shade. This caused her face to be properly exposed and the background to overexpose.

I pretty much did the opposite in this situation and underexposed this to get a silhouette effect. I also changed this to aged photo and increased the blacks to completely get rid of any detail in the black area.

This was taken at Fort Missoula on the old fire lookout tower. I changed this to a high contrast blank and white image in Lightroom.

For those of you who are familiar with the Wilma, and old theater in Missoula, I thought it would be appropriate to have a Sara posed in front of it. I think her day dreaming stare is fitting for this picture. I hope to see her play at the Wilma one day.

This was also taken on the Lookout tower at Fort Missoula.

These next three pictures I changed in Lightroom to a preset called punch which seems to increase the color saturation.

Bubbles, trial and error to catch this picture.

She's got such an eclectic style. I love it.
Elementary School up the Rattlesnake.

Lookout tower at Fort Missoula.

A nice departing shot

Sara used this on the back of her first album called "Speechless."

Thanks for all of the comments and emails about the blog. I have had several folks mention they want to see some of my more recent work. Well the truth is I haven't been shooting as much as I'd like to this summer. Its been the coldest summer I've ever seen and I have to admit lighting often drives my inspiration to take photos. I have several intentions with this blog. I hope to share my favorite pictures with all of my friends as well as share some of the secrets about how I took the pictures or what I did in Light room or photoshop. I think of photography as an art and I enjoy looking at other people's work and trying to figure out how they took the picture and what type of manipulations they did during post processing. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask.

I was back in Missoula for a quick weekend in May and I met with my favorite Missoula musician, Sara Horvath, and did a quick shoot at Fort Missoula. Sara has been my favorite model. She is really comfortable in front of the lens and has all kinds of creative ideas. I met Sara on Higgins St. last summer while I was in the photography program. I was riding my bike home, when I saw her sitting on her car playing the guitar with her hair back-lit. The light was perfect and one of the things I was working on all summer was asking complete strangers if I could take their picture. After taking a few shots and talking with her, she asked if I was interested in shooting an album cover for her. Since our meeting I have done five different shoots with her. Sara has been a huge inspiration for me, mostly because I think we are both is a similar place in our lives. We are both trying to make it as artists and share our love for our art with the world. She has produced one album with four of her original songs. She used the picture of her walking on the train tracks on the back of her album. You can hear her music at

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OllieT said...

Wonderful images of Sara. It's very evident that the two of you have connected as artists and friends.

A rare and wonderful thing.