Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Big Guns

Gun 2 cache. Hilliard is handing up cap and fuse to make up the howitzer rounds. Hiding behind the gun mount while shooting at Center Ridge. Center Ridge is the closest target for gun 2, and this is done out of caution for in case a small of a piece of shrapnel might hit the gun mount.
Firing Gun 2 at the Shadows/Headwall area. Often these gun mission are done in the dark or in a storm, and the sight points are recorded as numbers. It is rare to actually see what the gun is shooting at, and requires a developed ear to hear if the bullet caused an avalanche and how large it might be.
This is a picture of a patroller standing in avalanche debre in New Years Creek just one day after a huge slide was triggered in the Monies area in the top center of this picture. You can just barely make out the crown line which was estimated to be about 20 feet deep. The slide was triggered by Gun 4 on the North Face and it ran to the top of the Autobahn. This was the largest slide I have ever witnessed.

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