Friday, August 19, 2011

Ben and Stacie

As a ski patroller in Alaska you learn quickly that the weather controls everything - including your wedding day. Ben and Stacie, two long time Alyeska patrollers, were hardly even phased when at noon on Aug. 3 - a few hours before their wedding ceremony -the Tram was forced to close down due to severe winds. Ben, Alyeska’s Ski Patrol Director, immediately started doing what he does best, improvising a new plan. Soon he had friends, family and colleagues transitioning the entire event to the base of the mountain. When I spoke with Ben at 1pm - I couldn’t help but laugh. If this had happened to just about anyone else it could have been a disaster, but for Ben it was just another day at work.

I just love the picture in front of the aid room - I think its my favorite. I’m probably bias as I remember when they both started dating years ago. When you work closely with a crew of people you can't help but become close friends and notice when their individual happiness just shines. I knew back then that they had found something truly special. Both Ben and Stacie have been such amazing friends over the years that I was really stoked to be able to photograph their wedding day. Despite the weather and logistics its pretty cool when two really great people discover each other and are willing to share that experience with their friends. Thanks Ben and Stacie.