Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to AK

After completion of the Summer Intensive program at RMSP in Missoula last summer I returned to Alaska to work for APU to teach two courses. One was an expedition class for the Outdoor Studies department called Expedition Leadership which was most of last September in the Talkeetna Range. I briefly described this trip in my first blog entry with a few pictures. Following this course I taught two beginning photography classes for Liberal Studies during the session portion of the semester at APU. Both of these classes focused on understanding how to read light and capture a well exposed image on black and white film. I find this such a great way to learn photography, unlike the instant digital feedback the darkroom process is much slower and more thought out. I believe it makes students think more about how a camera meter reads light before their finger releases the shutter. I also like how one roll of film has 24 frames, which seems to be more cherished than a 2 GB memory card that can be deleted and reused. This permanent picture can help someone learn to compose a scene with more care and forethought than its digital counter part. I have to admit I am a little more reckless with my digital camera than with my 35mm SLR. I look forward sharing this fading art form once again this fall, and I hope that my students will value their time in the darkroom.

The crow picture was taken in Missoula as well as the tree reflection picture. The bear prints are actually baby bear prints and were taken on the Talkeetna trip in Alaska last fall. All of my pictures were changed to black and white, sepia or manipulated slightly in Adobe Lightroom. Despite my large appreciation for B & W film/darkroom most of my photography is digital mostly because its less expensive, less time consuming, and easier to share on the web. I believe both film and the digital medium are both important to the photography world, and each have their own benefits and limitations.

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