Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Time: Our most Precious Resource

Somewhere between ski season, working two jobs, and trying to maintain even a small portion of spontaneity in my life, my blog has fallen to the bottom of the list and Facebook has taken its place. I try not to use excuses or ramble on about reasons for not following through on important things in my life, but I do think Facebook is part of it. Its just so easy to get instant feedback. Its kind of an addiction at times; to post a new favorite image, wait a few hours, then pop up my fb page to read all the fun comments. Recently I've started questioning my motivation for sharing in this style. Am I taking photos just to get compliments from my friends? What about the story behind the image?  And where is that fun creative process that I used to enjoy while compiling my thoughts and selecting just the right photos to post? I'm not bagging on Facebook. It certainly has its purpose and I appreciate all of the connections and opportunities it provides, but it sure can suck away the time.

I sat down the other night and read my blog from start to finish. It blew me away! It was so interesting to acquaint myself with my recent past; to see the progression of my photographs from only 5 years ago until now; to see my style evolve and shift from playful fine art editing to more of a real life in camera feel; to read about all of the amazing places I've visited and to see my friends adventuring in the mountains. I was moved by my reflection of a difficult journey to Patagonia in a time when I was struggling to be present with my pain and suffering. And delighted to see Rob and Holly's wedding and remember how adamant I was about not becoming a wedding photographer... only to shortly find myself shooting weddings for Chugach Peaks Photography and just loving it.  I can't help feeling incredibly lucky to to be able to share my work and words in this platform, to be reminded that life is constantly changing, and to know that every moment is completely unique and precious. 

 I wonder if my blog will still automatically feed to Facebook?