Monday, May 4, 2009

Patagonia Icefield November 2006

Shuttling our last load up the ablation zone of the Marconi Glacier, Patagonia

An Argentine group of eight on one rope traverses through the debris on an ice fall to avoid a small crevasse. "pelgro. zona de avalanchas de seracs."

Whiteouts, ground blizzards and blowing snow became the theme of our trip

Ryan Hokanson, kiting around Circo De Los Altares. This was only our second day of nice weather in ten days.

Jason Kwiakowski, puting the kite away after the winds died down

Cerro Torre

Storm Day, Matte?

South American Dreams

Cerro Torre, Patagonia Argentina

Lima, Peru

Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay

Two months ago I started sorting through some old slides and rediscovered some wonderful images that I took shortly before I made the switch to digital. I did a pretty aggressive edit and narrowed my selection to about 25 slides from a three month trip through Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru and promptly had them scanned. Excited about my rediscovery I immediately started touching them up, removing dust and scratches, turning some black and white, and even managed to get one on the cover of Western Mountaineering's 2009 Catalog.

... but every time I opened my blog I just didn't know what to say. I couldn't think of a single word I wanted to share about those experiences. Almost as if each picture was so far away, so far from where I am now, that they almost felt like a series of little dreams. Each picture so rich and beautiful, so full of textures, almost like I had imagined them... yet so vastly different than my most prominent memories from that trip. Where was the picture of Jason and I on our hands and knees as we crawled behind an old lift shack on Cathedral Mountain trying to escape 80 mile an hour winds? Where was the picture of me hanging 10 feet in a crevasse with my sled teetering on the lip, because I had failed to attach a prusik. Where's the picture of that stuffy little hostel room where I spent fours days fighting a respiratory infection and dysentery in Peru? It's so interesting to look through these pictures and realize what an amazing place I was in, and how my state of mind was so detached from those experiences, like I wasn't even there in the first place.

So my two month case of writers block continues... and my lucid South American dreams weave together what was a pretty incredible journey.