Thursday, June 30, 2011

Andy and Beatrice

Have you ever met one of those couples that you can’t help but feel a twinge of envy because their personalities are so insanely contagious they radiate pure fun where ever they go? That would be Andy and Beatrice.

I met Andy four years ago after he had transferred from Eagle Crest in Juneau to work for Alyeska’s ski patrol. I had returned late January after a little S. American sabbatical to find our record December snowfall had turned into a solid month of below zero temps. Needless to say morale was low. Andy’s enthusiasm was unique and over the next few months he had inspired our rather gloomy team to plan a giant end of the season party called Patrol Olympics. I don’t think any of us really knew what he was talking about, but as each of us stuffed beers into our pockets, jumped onto the chair lift, and followed him through the most ridiculous race course you’ve ever seen, Andy had somehow become everyone’s favorite patroller.

Bea was a bonus! I met her this same winter and was immediately impressed with her ease and wit. Any girl who can snap off a few jokes and then jump onto the Sitzmark dance floor to let Andy swing her around like a little rag doll is pretty special in my book. It’s been fun to get to know these two over the years, and just love the energy they share with everyone.

I was honored to have the opportunity to photograph their wedding this last weekend in their home town of Juneau. This would mark my first visit to Alaska’s capital and my first visit to Southeast. Wow!!! I can’t believe I have never made the journey. What a perfect place... a fun hip city with giant mountains coming straight out of the water, and abundant sealife and nightlife everywhere. And of course Andy and Bea’s friends and family are just like them; generous, stoked on life, and love to party!

Congratulations Andy and Bea!

There's so much more adventure yet to come.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alaska's Wildest Women

Babes on Tour

Flight Lessons

Dress up

Lady in Red

Hey Bear

About a month ago my mother asked if I would put together a series of Alaskan Adventure photos to display in my father's art Gallery in Spokane for a summer showing. WA.
After much thought, I felt it was important to tell a story about all of the things I love most about this amazing state; the incredible mountains, the obscure adventures, the wildlife, and most of all the creative women who love to play outside. Thanks Girls - I can't wait for the next adventure.