Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lady in Red

Who says you can't wear the same dress twice?

All for the cause. Lady Gaga makes an appearance at the Sitzmark

Model, Artist and Photographer, Meghan Smith

Alyeska Ski Patrol had the honor of hiring Meghan Smith and she brought more than just her red cross. When asked to be one of the auctioned participants in the second annual fundraiser for the Alyeska Avalanche Dogs, she blew us away with her creative vision. A red dress made out of "vis" fence. For those of you who downhill ski, you might recognize this meshy material which is often used to create fences around lift lines and race courses, or to warn skiers of a hazard. Last week I met Meghan down in Homer and she modeled her amazing art piece one last time.

This wasn't Meghan's first rodeo. Check out her website and blog for a series of self portraits of Meghan's handmade dresses made out of recycled materials.