Sunday, October 4, 2009

Random pictures from the last few months.

Tall grass along West Chester Lagoon

Chilkoot Charlie's Windmill, Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK

Someone's yard downtown

Sleeping Lady Sunset over West Chester Lagoon

Kara and Justin

Julie and Aaron

Little Mia

The summer went by fast. I'm still in denial that its past, but the cold rainy days are a quick reminder that summer is long gone. This photographic journey is quite random, but it sums up some of my favorite picture from the last few months. The tall grass has no real significance, but I took it specifically to play around with in Lightroom and wash it out. It just feels relaxing. Something I'm currently having trouble doing.

The next few pictures were taken all in the down town area of Anchorage near my old apartment on Spenard. The weather this summer was amazing and I often found myself riding my bike around in the evenings waiting for the light to get good.

Kara and Justin are friend from Idaho who just recently moved to Anchorage. They asked me to take their picture before their baby was born and so I took them down to West Chester for an hour of shooting. Although its a bit cheesy, this picture is one of my favorites of them.

Julie and Aaron were just married in early September in Girdwood. They must have had one of the most beautiful early fall days I've ever seen. Although I don't know them very well I couldn't help keeping my finger on the shutter release - it was just too beautiful. The whole entire day.

Mia is their niece and she was just a doll. I must have taken 20 pictures of her that day and this one was just priceless.

It might be awhile before you see another post. I am maxed out with work and taking classes and the weather is quite marginal these days - which dampen my motivation for carrying my camera around. I'm visualizing my next post will have lots of white stuff and squiggly lines from the first tracks of the season.