Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Past Reminder

View over Lake Coeur d'Alene, ID

Getting there is half the fun

Self Portrait in the rear-view mirror

Justin moves a log out of the way with a tow strap

He's still the 11 year old I first met

They were always good at breaking me out of my comfort zone

I recently visited my home town of Coeur d'Alene, ID back in May to see my family and some old friends. Now shopping malls, car lots and development projects have connected Cd'A with many of its outskirting communities including Spokane, and although its hard to choke down it is what happens over time. I was reminded that change is inevitable. After spending a week hanging out with my folks who now live in Spokane, I made a special visit to one of my favorite places on Lake Cd'A, Gozzer Rd. The Geyer family who I had became close to through my highschool boyfriend, Joe, still live on this road above Lake Cd'A, just below Cd'A Mountain. I spent a lot of time my last few years in Cd'A roaming around in the pine woods of this country and hanging out with Joe's parents, brothers, sisters, nephews and neighbors. Their comment that I still look exactly the same made me laugh because I was astonished how they had all grown up. Eight years will do that.

Justin, now 21, the second youngest, still had the heart of the 11 year old I originally met, and I wasn't there more than twenty minutes before we were 4 wheeling up some old logging road looking for wild turkey's. Although we didn't see any, we ended up at the top of Cd'A mountain with some ammo, two beers, and a great view. Although guns are not my favorite thing in the world, I felt that it was a celebration of our past when I used to tag along and photograph these kids doing what every backwood kid should be doing, having fun.

I changed these pictures to black and white because I like the stark contrast with the movement of each picture, and the subject . It also gives it an urgent, sort of old documentary feel, that represents the beginning of my obsession with photography. It all began in these woods above this lake with these folks. I couldn't help feel a connection to Justin, his family, and to my past that I had somewhere misplaced over the last eight years. And that's when I realized that some things never change.

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