Sunday, August 10, 2008

Missoula Improv Dancers

I originally saw these ladies performing early in the summer at the Missoula Saturday Market last summer. I snapped a few pictures of them on XXXX sculpture at the end of Higgins St. and then left. After looking through the pictures I had a few that I liked, but wanted to re-shoot them because there were so many other people in the background. The picture above crops out most of the sculpture and I heavily manipulated this picture in Lightroom and changed the colors.

I couldn't believe I left without talking to these girls or getting a phone number, especially after I was infromed that the Rocky Mountain School of Photography was interested in the XX picture for the 2008 Catalog. It happed to be RMSP's 20th Aniversery and they were looking for something that represented 20 for the cover. I had to laugh because all of the pictures I shot that day I had cropped in camera the bottom half of the XX's out because of all of the people in the background. I had nothing that would work.

If only I could re-shoot these girls. I only had two weeks left before I graduated and would be flying back to Alaska. Where would I find these girls? I haven't seen them in two months. I decided that I would just visualize running into them. That next Saturday, boom, there they were performing next to the XXXX's, but again too many people around. After a brief conversation the only day that we could all meet up again was my last full day in Missoula, which happened to be after graduation. It was on. One last chance for the cover shot.

The following week I met them at the First Interstate Bank on Higgins and they brought two drummers to keep a beat. After an hour and just before sunset we moved down to the XXXX sculpture to give it one last try.

I must have shot a couple hundred pictures that night and struggled a little bit with the composition. I wanted the XX's, but there were all kinds of distractions in the background if I dropped my lens down too much, so I did my best and they were pretty awesome to watch. The next day I quickly edited changed the colors slightly, and submitted a few options to RMSP. Two months later this image appeared on the cover, and it was officially my first cover photo.

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