Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pushing My Comfort Zone

This spring I had the opportunity to take a Magazine Writing class from Rosanne Pagano, an Alaskan Journalist and Liberal arts professor at Alaska Pacific University. Writing has always been a difficult process for me, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to broaden my photographic skills by learning how to develop a story accompanied by my photographs. One of my assignments was to write a profile story which highlighted a local person with an interesting life. I chose to interview Cindy Shake, a metal artist, known for her popular Alaskan themed garden art and sculptures.

I met Cindy a few years ago when I rented the downstairs apartment of her weekend home in Girdwood. Inspired by her creative drive and ability to make a living off her artwork, I wanted to learn how she got to where she is now. I then photographed her at her home and studio in Anchorage and submitted the piece to the Anchorage Press. Just last week they decided to run it as a feature story.

Check it out here: http://www.anchoragepress.com/articles/2010/05/26/news/doc4bfdc5c1e8b86620694975.txt

Cindy Shake

Cindy using an arc welder

Cindy using a plasma cutter to cut up her sheet metal

One of Cindy's famous Garden Ravens with her grasshopper hanging on her shed in the background

A fun clay sculpture of a garden monster in Cindy's front yard


May we each inspire one another to achieve all we dream of..... said...

Greetings from the east coast! Congratualations! So cool to see your career unfold before my eyes! Hope you are enjoying the AK summer....!! Lynn (from AK now in MD)

Sherrie Soltis said...

Awesome Job Heather! I feel like we were just talking about you submitting to the press! You do excellent work!

cindy shake said...

I'll say it again Heather -YOU ROCK! Not only do you tear it up on the mountain you are incredibly talented behind the lens :o)