Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lee and Colleen's wedding - June 12, 2010

Its wedding season! Once again I've found myself behind the lens of yet another fun Alaskan wedding. Although I never would have pictured myself as a wedding photographer I'm starting to enjoy the challenges of improvising and composing on the spot. Its definitely pushing my photographic skills. Family portrait time feels a little like survival skiing... there's no turning back at this point, only you, your camera, and about a hundred different combinations of family members to go. Its a pretty good feeling when its all over.
It was nice to have a little help from Krystal, an APU student and photo club member. I invited her along as a second shooter and to help me keep an eye on the whole party. She did a great job and and seemed right at home. A second shooter is the way to go.
Colleen and Lee were awesome - such an easy couple to work with. I love it when folks have ideas for pictures and just like to have fun- not to mention what an incredible family and group of friends.
Congratulations Lee and Colleen!

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cindy shake said...

Once again Heather these are wonderful! I love the couple and church shot -makes it seem in a completely other world :o) lovely.