Saturday, April 17, 2010

Paul and Whitney's Wedding

I was honored to be asked to take photos of Whitney and Paul's special day. The ceremony was at Dr. Harmon's beautifully handcrafted home/office with all kinds of interesting worldly artifacts everywhere. It snowed the entire weekend or should I say it dumped, which didn't help the already dim tungsten lighting. I must admit it was one of the more challenging lighting experiences I've encountered in awhile. It definitely makes me want one of those new fancy D3s or a D700 for the ISO quality and more importantly the full frame sensor to eliminate the wide angle digital distortion... and of course some faster glass. I did however rely on my flash for some of the more important moments, but I'm just not a big fan of this kind of hard light even with a little diffuser.


cindy shake said...

As always, BEAUTIFUL work Heather! Our wish lists never end do they?!

benilhalk said...

Beautiful photos and the snowy background make it even better. Will be getting married in three months and I’m just counting the days. Parents are also very excited and so involved with preparations. We don’t want any last minute setbacks so we booked one of the NYC venues in advance.