Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Skiing the Selkirks, BC... Valkyr Style

Simply Beautiful

Girls Day

Brooke Practicing for the Worlds

Heart Pass

Boys Day

Rory kicks off a small slab

Hiking out of Viking

Rory Camm

Gwen and Brooke

Brooke Edwards


Dmitri Kasterine said...

I love skiing and these photographs make me long to hear the slapping of my skis on the piste.

r said...

Long time Tamm's

Just strolled through your recent images and ... I'd almost forgot how inspiring your creations are! Koo-doe's :-)

We are in the process of updating our photo gallery and I'd remembered "simply beautiful" and wondered if you'd like to contribute to our page, maybe post a link to your gallery.
Either way, here's a warm cheers from the southern slopes.

Ryan Glasheen
Valkyr Adventures