Thursday, January 8, 2009

US Nation Nordic Skiing Championship

The US National Nordic Championship hosted in Anchorage at Kincaid Park finished up today after a long week of waiting. Temperatures were just slightly too cold to race most of the week and many of the events were canceled. Monday warmed up just enough to allowed the Freestyle Race to proceed. The women skied a 5K loop and the men skied a 10K loop. Anchorage's very own Kikkan Randall placed 2nd racing for the US ski team and Alaska Pacific University. Laura Valaas placed 4th, Kate Arduser place 6th, James Southam place 5th and Brent Knight placed 6th, all racing for Alaska Pacific University.

Today the racing jury decided to run the sprint classic race for the final race of the event. Temperatures were just warm en0ugh despite a consistent breeze, but racers only had to brave a short distance 1.2K for the women, and 1.4K for the Men. Kikkan Randall led the pack throughout the entire finals, and came in first. Shortly behind her Laura Valaas in second place. Congratualations APU!

Laura Valaas coming up a hill during the sprint race

Lars Flora tucking around a corner in the sprint race

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