Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunset over Turnagain Arm

Mt. Spur on Fire

The Never Ending Sunset

Sunset over Alpenglow

Looking back at Portage Valley

View of Pyramid Peak and Seattle Creek

Sunnyside on a beautiful day

I know I promised ski pictures, but quite honestly I haven't taken too many I'm proud of for the season. The sunset over Turnagain Pass on Sunday Dec. 6 lasted about an hour as I kept driving north from from Girdwood it just kept getting richer and more vibrant. By the time I reached the weigh station Mt. Spur was submerged in fiery waves of clouds and there were probably 8 other people with tripods all lined up. I wouldn't be surprised to see these pictures another blog.


David Marx said...

"Looking Back at Portage" is excellent! Hope the skiing is great up there. Its freezing here with little snow.

Bob McGowan said...

I concur with David on "Looking Back..."! Nice work, Heather!

Kara and Justin said...


Linda Starr said...

love the sunset over alpenglow how the colors reflect in the stream in the foreground